Commons name: Poly 2739, Nhựa marble, Nhựa solid surface, Nhựa   giả đá,  nhựa  làm bồn tắm, nhựa làm mặt bếp….

SHCP 2739B is a low peak exothermic Unsaturated Polyester Resin of Orthophthalic type for making Artificial Marble, Block Marble, Quartz and Engineered Stones. 
The viscosity of SHCP 2739B is rather low in order to facilitate good wet out, fast bubble release, and to accept high filler loading, thus assuring an easy processing. 
Products made with this resin will have all the beauty of real marble, without the porosity and brittleness. It possesses excellent dimensional stability, good rigidity (scratch resistance), impact resistance, good detergent and mild chemical corrosion resistance

Packing: 225kg/drum

Origin: SHCP – Singapore

SHCP 2739B - The resin is used for making a variety of marbles with special designs and colors. The applications are for flooring, bathroom bowls, table tops, bath unit and artificial marble walls, R.T.M. and the like artificial onyx.